5 Key Factors in Choosing the Best School for Your Child

family-1784371_1920When making the decision of the perfect school for your child, it is crucial to consider more than just the school’s appearance or the online school ratings; you should also consider how well that school fits the needs of your child. The Diocese of Orlando has 12 of Orange County private schools, and many of them are specifically for students of special learning styles, ages, and needs.

Identify your child’s needs and research thoroughly.

This sounds so cut and dried, but how do you determine which factors lead to the best school? Research the finalists in your school search, calling and speaking with the admissions staff. Visit the school not once, but several times at different hours of the day. Consider the school’s mission statement and philosophy and how you believe your child will respond to the school.

Consider your child’s interest in sports.

The importance of exercise cannot be understated, and many schools offer several intramural sports. While some students are happy with a simple recess, while others are buoyed through their academics with the compulsion to play every sport offered. Do not tie down your active child in a school that does not offer sports; in contrast, an academic child may not appreciate the constant interruption of classes for pep rallies, students called out for away games, announcements touting sporting events, et cetera.

Identify potential extracurricular activities.

Extracurricular activities are sometimes the decisive push to enter a school. A gifted/talented program, Odyssey of the Mind teams, STEM clubs, sports, Quiz Bowl teams, baking club, computer clubs, or chess club might be options that excite your child to attend school.

Actually speak with the teachers, not just the admissions staff or administrators.

One of the most important factors in any school is the teaching staff. How do teachers respond to their students? Would your child appreciate this teaching style? When you consider the majority of your child’s waking hours are spent in school, it is vital the teachers present a nurturing atmosphere that will stimulate learning while being comfortable for your child to learn.

Choose a school that will teach every facet of your child.

Private schools emphasize lifelong learning by imbuing students with the desire to understand the world around them. By instilling confidence, creativity, self-esteem, and grace in times of crisis, a Catholic education allows students to take on difficult situations with ease.

Knowing the correct factors to look for will allow you to make the best choice in your child’s education. Contact the Diocese of Orlando at 407-246-4903 to learn our educational philosophy and read our blogs for information pertaining to many of the Orange County private schools in our diocese.