5 Ways to Celebrate Pi Day

pi-715948_1920Pi Day celebrates the Greek symbol “π,” which represents the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter. This number is approximately 3.14159, so the 14th of March (3-14) has become a fun day for observing this small slice of math. The Diocese of Orlando’s best private schools in Orlando have several activities planned for Pi Day, which may include any of the following examples of how other individuals and schools celebrate Pi Day.

  • Understanding π is not complicated if you use diagrams. Simply draw a circle and measure it in the center from one edge to the other – that’s the diameter. The circumference is the distance around the outside of the circle. Use a calculator and divide the diameter by the circumference. It does not matter how big or small the circle is, the answer will always be π.
  • The Old Testament even cites an example of measuring π in 1 Kings 7:23 when a pool of water is said to be 30 cubits around and 10 cubits across. This is slightly off (it was apparently rounded), but by explaining 30/9.55, you can come up with a close approximation of pi.
  • Obviously eating pi (as in “pie”) is a fantastic way to bring geometry to life. Measure pie tins of various sizes or the pies themselves. Shepherd’s pie, chicken pot pie, pumpkin pie, cream pie – the choices are as endless as pi itself! Students at Good Shepherd can expect festivities like these each year.
  • Any round foods are actually great tools for studying pi. Choose cookies, cupcakes, pancakes, pizza, sliced hard meats such as salami, et cetera. Once you determine the ratio of diameter over circumference, celebrate with a snack. This is something that seventh graders at St. Mary Magdalen do annually!
  • Have a π scavenger hunt to find round objects nearby, such as a Frisbee, CD, drink coaster, round mousepad, or any other object that can be measured. Once found, all objects can be measured and replaced.

Celebrating π Day is a great way to initiate a positive relationship with math in general and geometry in particular. The Diocese of Orlando’s best private schools in Orlando have activities geared toward each grade for their students. Call the Diocese at 407-246-4903 and read our blogs for more innovative ways our schools teach!