What We Offer

With a focus on faith formation, challenging academics, and service to others, Orlando Catholic Schools are helping students prepare to meet the challenges of today’s global society.

What sets us apart from other schools?

Private Schools Orlando

Catholic Identity

The faith-centered environment of our schools, some of the best private schools in Orlando, is at the heart of what sets us apart from other educational institutions. Through a solid, religious curriculum taught by certified teachers with catechist training, and a focus on service to others, our students gain a deep understanding of Christ and our Catholic faith. They grow in their love and knowledge of Christ through daily prayer, as well as in the regular celebration of Mass and seasonal liturgical prayer services and events, and through charitable giving.

Private Schools Orlando

Academic Excellence

Orlando Catholic schools in the Orange and Seminole counties exemplify a culture of academic excellence designed to help our children thrive as they grow in their intellect and ability to reason.

With an emphasis on religion, language arts, reading, mathematics, social studies, science, physical education and fine arts, our curriculum focuses on the growth of the whole child. It is based on diocesan-approved standards and learning objectives which exceed both state and national performance expectations.

Our teachers, many of whom hold advanced degrees, are dedicated professionals committed to providing a superior learning experience and supportive learning environment for both student and family. They strive to personally model the core values of a Catholic education.

Our low teacher-student ratio enhances the learning experience.

Private Schools Orlando

Safe, Secure & Supportive

We believe that all students deserve a safe and secure environment in which to thrive, which is what makes our private schools some of the best in Orlando. We offer a place, where children can grow, physically, intellectually and spiritually.

Our campuses are secured by state-of-the-art technologies, and inside the classrooms, students are welcomed and nurtured by a caring faculty and staff. In addition they are taught to care for and respect each other.

Our parents can be confident in knowing their child is being taken care of, being valued, and being loved as an individual and as a child of God.
We feel that all students deserve to feel safe, secure, and supported within the academic environment, and we believe that’s one of the characteristics that make our schools desirable to both parents and students.