Beat the Heat with Summer Fun

The temperature is heating up and summer is coming quick! The private schools in Orlando share tips on how to beat the heat and have fun. If you’re stuck on creative summertime activities, look no further! We’ve got a list of summer activities right here.

Go to the Springs
Grab some cute floaties or rent a kayak and visit your local springs or lake, such as Wekiwa Spring State Park. There is no better way to cool off!

Indoor Trampoline Centers
Children have a lot of energy! Indoor trampoline centers give your children the chance to run around and jump around as much as they want. They will wear themselves out, giving you a moment to relax. Plus, there’s air conditioning to avoid the hot weather!

Arcade Center
Give your children the gift of games! Arcades are a great way for them to let loose and play as much as they want. Most arcade centers have games for all ages, so it gives your children a variety of choices to choose from. Disney Springs and International Drive are full of arcades. AirHeads has a trampoline park and arcade!

Make Popsicles
Popsicles make a great refreshment in the summertime. Instead of buying the sugar-filled ones you find in stores, make them yourself! A DIY project is a fun and inexpensive way to bond with your family. Get creative with summer produce, and let your children learn how to make a refreshing summer treat. What a great way to cool down and have fun!

Host a Water Balloon Party
Gather your children and their friends — it’s time for a water balloon party with a water balloon piñata! Fill up a bunch of balloons with water and tie them together with string. Tie the end of the string to secure the bundle to a tree or fence, and use a plastic bat for the beating. What an exciting way to stay cool this summer!

Slip ‘n Slide Party
The pool and beach are relaxing ways to cool down during the summer, but why not throw a slip ‘n slide party instead? You can buy a slide online, or get a large plastic sheet from a local store then lay it down in your backyard. It’s inexpensive and everyone will definitely have a fun time!

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