Catholic Schools Are for Everyone

Catholic schools are often viewed as a place just for people of the Catholic faith. However, Catholic schools Orlando accept children of all faiths who are interested in academic excellence, faith-filled studies, and a safe environment. The goal of our 12 schools is to form remarkable, Christ-like leaders.

Academic Excellence
Catholic schools offer the best curriculum and teachers thanks to Diocese teachings. It may be considered challenging, but Catholic school students score above average on standardized tests. The vast majority of Catholic school graduates pursue higher education and have more doors to prestigious colleges. High standards coupled with strong motivation, plus discipline fosters nothing less than excellence a high-quality performance from students.

Faith-Filled Studies
Many parents want their child to attend a school where they can learn in a Christ-centered atmosphere. Students are to recognize Christ’s presence in themselves and in their community. By doing so, we are producing top-rated citizens that become leaders of their community.

Sense of Safety
Our children are growing up quickly and being exposed to too much. Catholic schools offer drug-free and gun-free zones that are more Christ-centered zones. Your children will be among others who share their same identity, values, and virtues. We recognize that parents are the primary educators, so what you are at home, we expand on at school.

Individualized Attention
While the education can be considered stimulating and demanding, Catholic curriculum offers students the opportunity for individualized attention. There are programs your child can participate in that offer help to those experiencing difficulty learning writing, reading, and math. 

Morals and Values
Students at Catholic schools are taught compassion through community service and kindness to others. Our policies don’t allow bullying, and we accept children with disabilities, such as down syndrome and deafness, to the best of our ability. Our teachings show that each person is unique and valuable and deserves a strong sense of community.

For more than 50 years, Catholic schools Orlando have been helping children grow to their fullest potential and become leaders within their communities. We offer unique and dynamic learning environments that engage students and encourage them to become confident and responsible adults. To learn more about what makes us different, contact us today.