Celebrate All Saints Day

Are you ready to celebrate All Saints Day? On November 1st, private schools in Orlando will be remembering the saints, and we encourage you and your family to do the same! As the day approaches, spend time with your family learning more about the lives of these holy people and remembering the ways that God uses us be a blessing to others.

Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys
When Marguerite Bourgeoys’ bishop told her to join her sisters in a cloistered order of Ursulines, she refused. Bourgeoys felt called by God to serve Montreal by providing an education to everyone in the territory. When she returned to her bishop, she explained that she wouldn’t be able to serve the poor and uneducated if she was in a cloister, and he was moved by both her words and her actions!

Saint Saying: “When the heart is open to the sun of grace, we see flowers blossom in their fragrance.” — Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys

Patron Saint Of: The poor and those rejected by religious orders

Saint Philip Neri
This saint was known for his cheerfulness and obedience, even at a young age. At 18, he left his home to live with a wealthy family, where he had the opportunity to assist — and possibly inherit — the business. But he felt called by God to serve Him instead. Saint Philip Neri set aside his previous dreams of helping with the business and moved to Rome, where he dedicated his time to prayer and spreading the word of God throughout the city.

Saint Saying: “Well, brothers, when shall we begin to do good?” — Saint Philip Neri

Patron Saint Of: Rome, humor, joy

Saint Ambrose of Milan
Saint Ambrose was a successful lawyer before becoming a bishop, and he’s also one of the four original doctors of the church! When he became a bishop, he donated all of his land and gave his money to the poor. He is credited for developing the “antiphonal chant,” which is where one side of the choir alternately responds to the other.

Saint Saying: “No one heals himself by wounding another.” — Saint Ambrose

Patron Saint Of: Milan

Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne
Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne devoted her life to serving others. She cared for many during the French Revolution and worked hard to care for the sick, assist fugitive priests, and teach children. She later moved to America with four other nuns to set up missions, orphanages, and schools for Native Americans. Those she taught could clearly see her devotion to Him; she was known as “the woman who is always praying.”

Saint Saying: “Love aright and you will never be sad. Embrace God’s will and you will be filled with joy and peace.” — Saint Rose Philippine Duchesne

Patron Saint Of: Perseverance amid adversity

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