Could My Child Tutor?

If your child is hoping to give Christmas gifts to her friends, tutoring her peers might be a great way to earn the money to do so! Not only will having a part-time job teach her how to manage money and decide worthy ways to spend it, tutoring will show her how rewarding it is to help others. To determine whether your child would make a good tutor, think about whether she has these key traits.

It’s important that she is patient. She needs to approach tutoring with the mindset that “there is no such thing as a stupid question,” so that she can treat her peers with kindness, grace, and respect when they struggle.

Does your child have a gift for motivating others, especially when they’re getting frustrated or discouraged? If your child is a natural encourager and regularly cheers others on, she might make an excellent tutor.

Encourages Independent Learning
Tutors must encourage independent learning. Although it can be difficult to watch someone struggle through a problem you know how to solve, a tutor must be able to teach critical thinking and problem-solving strategies to encourage self-sufficient learning. She should sit down with the child she tutors to discuss how they best learn, what their study habits are, and strategies for future success.

A good tutor can explain information in multiple ways. She understands that everyone learns differently and takes the time to discover the learning style of who she’s helping, can sense when they don’t fully understand a concept, and willingly tries another approach. She also needs to be respectful! A good tutor will put herself in her students’ shoes and empathize with their frustration.

Good Listener
Finally, a tutor must be a good listener! By listening, she will understand exactly what students don’t get and be able to approach topics in a way more suited to them.

Thrives Off Helping Others
Does your child thrive off of helping others succeed? The best tutor will view the money she earns as simply a nice bonus; the warm fuzzy feeling she gets from making a difference is enough for her!

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