Early Childhood Spotlight

A child’s early years serve as a critical foundation for their growth. Annunciation Catholic Academy, a private school in Orlando — as well as several of our other preschool programs — uses the research-based Frog Street curriculum for our early childhood program to encourage active exploration. Using current research about childhood development, we plan the best learning opportunities for young children ranging from infants to four-year-olds.

Spanish Instruction
Learning a language stimulates many different parts of the brain at once, which helps children retain information. We understand the importance of preparing children for a bilingual world, so we blend Spanish into our three-year-old program. It remains an integral component of our four-year-old program as well.

Happily Ever After
Strong reading skills are important, and ACA helps prepare young children for reading instruction by setting aside time for illustrated stories, discussion, and hands-on activities. This helps equip children with the necessary skills to start reading.

Computer Enrichment
As technology continues to advance, we know how important it is that children form a healthy, balanced relationship with it and learn to use it as a tool. Here at ACA, computer enrichment is offered as an extracurricular activity in the afternoon, which serves as an additional opportunity for students to understand technology.

Development in 5 Key Areas
We make sure that children have adequate opportunities for growth in multiple aspects of their life, including:

  • Spiritual: Children know that they are loved by Jesus and learn about Him through simple prayers and Bible stories.
  • Social: We help children feel comfortable in their environment and give them the opportunity to form valuable friendships.
  • Emotional: We help children develop confidence, independence, and self-control as they learn to be positive about life.
  • Cognitive: By giving children the opportunity to try their own ideas, they become confident learners and acquire problem-solving skills.
  • Physical: Through daily play, children increase their motor skills and gain confidence in their physical abilities.

Programs For Each Age Group
The Frog Street curriculum helps children learn concepts when they are developmentally ready, so we’ve created age-appropriate programs that include:

  • Infants: Time spent with our caregivers focuses on four areas of infant development: cognitive, language, physical, and social.
  • One-year-olds: This program encourages children to learn and begin acquiring social skills. They enjoy daily outdoor playtime and age-appropriate toys that encourage self-directed play.
  • Two-year-olds: This age group thrives on exploration and fantasy, so this program gives children the opportunity to play outside, solve puzzles, and receive encouragement for practicing self-help skills.
  • Three-year-olds: This program begins to encourage independence. Children start to receive formalized education in religion, stories, science, music, culture, and more.
  • Four-year-olds: This age group receives opportunities to learn through writing workshops, S.T.R.E.A.M. projects and more. They participate in self-regulation exercises and continue to practice social skills with their peers.

All age groups learn about Jesus, and young children in particular focus on understanding His love for them through age-appropriate stories, songs, and activities.

We hope to see you and your children join our community at Annunciation Catholic Academy next school year! Want to learn more about what we offer young children as a private school in Orlando? You can see a full breakdown of what our program offers each age group to help them reach their full potential.