End Summer Vacation With a Bible Road Trip

Before the summer ends, consider taking a Bible road trip! Believe it or not, vacation is a biblical concept as much as working is. Private schools in Orlando explain how you can take a road trip with God and the Scripture. 

God is Everywhere
Vacation is a reminder that God is everywhere, especially in nature, so hiking trails and camping are great ways to connect with Him. If being outdoors isn’t your family’s thing, find another place to vacation that will inspire your worship. This can include indoor botanical gardens and parks, as well as museums.

Love Thy Neighbor
In Mark 12:31, Jesus said, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself. There is no other commandment greater than these.” Visiting other states exposes you to people and lifestyles that are different from yours. You learn to appreciate diverse ways of life. 

Visit Places of Worship
To prepare for your trip, make a list of churches along your route. From the Washington National Cathedral to the Scottish Rite Cathedral, TripAdvisor has a list of the 20 most beautiful churches worth visiting throughout the country. Consider attending other denomination services to expose your children to the locals’ beliefs and practices.

Visiting crowded cities can be overwhelming, but use it as an opportunity to worship. Whether you are in Times Square or at the Grand Canyon, pray for the people and the places you come across. This can be a powerful activity that gives you a private moment with God.

Tourism with a Meaningful Mission
Ask your church to host a group of parishioners for a mission. Your team of volunteers can visit areas or places that need charitable assistance. This is a great way to teach your children how to have a meaningful impact on the world. Relief can include providing food to children in need or helping to rebuild homes after storms. It will be an experience that will stay with your children and the families they helped forever!

Reflect on the Importance of Your Itinerary
Reflect on your journey through a journey where your children can document every faith-filled moment. Finding Jesus while traveling is easy when He is everywhere. He is in the smile of the child whose hunger you satisfied; He is in the mountains your family set up camp on; He is with the people you prayer-walked with in a crowded city. Write down those moments and cherish them forever.

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