Fundraisers For Your Family to Do

Want your family to participate in more charitable activities? Now that school has started and the back-to-school chaos has passed, Private schools in Orlando believe it’s important for your child to start doing fundraisers. Here are fun fundraiser ideas your family can do together. 

A bicycling event is a classic way to fundraise for a cause. Establish a goal and have the participants break off into team. Parents can ride with their children, or teachers could ride with their classes. What’s great is that your participants already have bikes, so you don’t need to provide too much! Plus, it’s great exercise. 

Have children read a certain number of books to spark their love of reading. Children who complete the reading challenge will receive an award or certificate. It improves reading comprehension and gives parents something they can proudly put on the refrigerator!

Mini Mudder
Coordinate a tough mudder for children! Put your child and his teachers to the test in this challenging obstacle course. This activity gives your child and his peers the opportunity to work in teams, set goals, get muddy, and have a good time! 

Superhero Run
Your child and his classmates can dress up like their favorite superheroes, then run for a cause! You don’t have to go the extra mile with the outfit; you can make one yourself and put the rest of the funds towards donations. Giving your child the option to dress up will make him more motivated!

Restaurant Proceeds
Find a local restaurant that is willing to donate a percentage of its sales for a day. Encourage the school and children to promote on their social media networks. The restaurants will love the marketing boost, and it builds momentum for the community. Consider child-friendly restaurants, such as a Chuck-E-Cheese franchise. Who doesn’t love eating and playing?

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