Get Ready For High School

High school might feel far away, but for your eighth grader, it’s right around the corner. Making the move from middle school to high school can feel scary! Start preparing your student for a successful transition now with these steps below.

Set Goals
Encourage your child to fantasize about his future and remind him that high school isn’t just about getting good grades; it’s about opening doors for opportunities later in life. Listen to him when he talks about his dreams, and ask him what sort of educational steps he thinks he should take in high school to get there.

It’s important that your child reads as much as possible. This will build her vocabulary, strengthen her communication skills, and improve her critical and creative thinking. Make sure that the books she reads in her free time are ones that interest her; this will help implement a lifelong love of reading.

Learn to Study
It’s crucial that your child becomes an independent learner. As she becomes better at studying, she can practice organization and time management and learn how to push through challenges and boredom. Help her create and adjust to a consistent homework schedule, teach her when to take breaks, and encourage her to ask questions when she needs help.

Get Excited
High schools are often much larger than middle schools, and this can be a source of anxiety for many children. Help your child focus on the fact that a new school brings new opportunities! If he’s getting nervous about being in a new environment, research the school together and highlight the clubs, sports teams, and electives he has to look forward to.

Casual College Visits
By visiting colleges throughout her time in high school, your child will establish a college-bound mindset. She can look at college as an exciting part of her future rather than something that causes her to panic and gives her anxiety. This prevents formal college tours from being intimidating. As she goes through high school, she’ll be focused on her next step!

A big part of transitioning from middle school to high school is preparing students to take responsibility for their actions and education. Talk to your child about what this will mean for him in a high school setting! Review expectations and goals, and remind him that you’ll be there to cheer him on every step of the way.

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