Get to Know-ah The Ark

Many of us know the classic story of Noah’s Ark: God calls Noah to build a giant ark, which will hold his family and two of each animal. This is where he successfully waits out the flood. But there’s a lot about Noah’s Ark that you might not know! Catholic high schools in Orlando encourage our students to dig a little bit deeper into these well-known Biblical stories.

The Ark is Even Bigger Than You May Think
How big does an ark have to be to fit Noah, his family, and so many animals on it? The total estimated volume of the Ark is around 1,518,000 cubic feet. An ark that size could fit roughly 20,000-40,000 sheep-sized animals! If that volume is hard for you or your child to picture, here’s another way to visualize the size: it was roughly 450 ft. by 75 ft. by 45 ft. That means that around 1,300, 20-foot shipping containers could be stuffed inside!

…But We Don’t Have Exact Dimensions
As we mentioned, the Ark was gigantic. But because the Ark is measured in cubits, which aren’t standardized, we can only estimate roughly how big it was. A cubit could range between 15-22 inches. In a structure that big, those few inches difference can add up to be huge!

Noah Was One of The Oldest People in The Bible
Noah was years older than many of us imagine. He was already 480 years old when he built the Ark! And when he passed at 950 years old, he claimed the title of the third-oldest person recorded in the Bible. Another fun fact: the oldest person in the Bible, Methuselah, is Noah’s grandfather.

Time Spent on The Ark
Can you imagine staying in one room for a month? If you’d go crazy dreaming about getting outside and active, imagine the patience and faith practiced by Noah and his family! They spent one year and 10 days on the Ark before the flood subsided.

Ark Architecture
The Ark was big, but what did it look like? While the Bible only gives us a few details about the Ark’s appearance, we can make some guesses based on the art of shipbuilding.

We know that it was three stories high and had only one door. In Genesis 6:16, God directed Noah to “make a roof for it, leaving below the roof an opening one cubit high all around. Put a door in the side of the ark and make lower, middle, and upper decks.” The Ark has the same proportions as a modern cargo ship. Its hull was six times longer than its width, and a major scientific study in 1993 actually found that these proportions perfectly balanced stability, comfort, and strength. This study also confirmed that the Ark could handle waves as tall as 100 feet!

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