How to Focus Better with Certain Foods

In Genesis 1:29, we read: God also said: See, I give you every seed-bearing plant on all the earth and every tree that has seed-bearing fruit on it to be your food.”  As you know, God created the Garden of Eden with plants, trees, and shrubs — all of which provide the fuel your child needs to focus in school. Private schools in Orlando share a list of brain foods that encourage mood and energy, both of which boost concentration.

Your children should stay sharp with a handful of walnuts. They are considered one of the best brain foods and even look like “mini brains!” A natural source of DHA and Omega-3 fatty acids, walnuts increase your child’s brain’s ability to learn and remember information. 

Blueberries can boost concentration for up to five hours. The antioxidants buildup blood flow and oxygen to the brain. They’re like a tangy pop of candy in your child’s mouth!

Dark Leafy Greens
Leafy greens are also packed with antioxidants that promote power to the brain. The rule of thumb is that the darker the vegetable is, the better it is for your brain. These vegetables are full of B-vitamins, which have been proven to promote focus, memory, and overall brain health.

Pomegranates are the perfect superfood snack, as they are full of antioxidants and build up the immune system with their various vitamins. You don’t even need that much pomegranate juice to gain those brain benefits. Fill a small cup for your child to enjoy during homework time. Be sure to get a sugar-free kind, or else you’ll have a hyper kiddo! You can even juice them yourself with these simple instructions from Healthy Nibbles.

Believe it or not, beets have a lot of brain benefits. Studies have shown that the compound that makes these sweet treats the color red can help slow and reverse tangles in the brain — and even “beet” Alzheimer’s Disease. It may be hard to get your child to eat them, but they can be utilized in so many exciting ways. Hello Wonderful has 10 ways to sneak this veggie into your child’s diet — even in muffins and ice cream!

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