How to Prepare Your Child for Middle School

So your child just finished elementary school, and it’s time to start something new. Middle school is a time of growth — not only for your child but for you, too. Private schools in Orlando has the advice you need to prepare your child for this crucial journey.

Normalize the Experience
You don’t want your child to be blindsided when she starts middle school, so start conversations about it well in advance. During the summer, motivate her by sharing stories about your enjoyable middle school experiences. Address any questions or answers she may have.

Break Down the Subjects
Prior to classes beginning, let your child know what she will be learning. For instance, in sixth-grade mathematics, she will learn about number theory, measurement, geometry, statistics, graphs, probability, and more.. In seventh-grade language arts, she will read more books, conduct essay revisions, and discuss literary elements, such as setting, plot, and themes. Eighth-grade history and social studies will include current events, cultural traditions, and investigative solutions for the problems in the world. Remind her that she has several teachers now, not just one.

Slightly Let Go
Middle school is where your child starts to gain independence and learn more about themselves. With that said, it’s time to loosen your grip a bit. Don’t lower your standards or tolerate bad behavior because you are still the authority. But the communication style may change a bit. Have healthy discussions about their grades or their clothing choices, so they don’t resent you and feel like they can still count on you. Empathize with her frustrations and remain approachable. ChristianParenting has a list of parenting books that can you during this transition.

Take a Tour
If you are new to the area or school, take advantage of this time by taking a tour of the school. You’ll both have the chance to learn the building layout and the structure of the classes. Make a point of participating in the new family welcome events at the school. Here you will have the opportunity to meet teachers and other families. . 

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