Make Bible Time a Habit

While we all want to dedicate time to reading the Bible, it can be hard to commit to doing so every day. But don’t stress! By taking these few steps, you can turn reading your Bible into a healthy daily habit.

Start Small. Don’t get too ambitious; you’ll get overwhelmed! Remember that you want quality over quantity. If you try to read too much too fast, you might burn out. Start small and work up to more in order to establish healthy habits that will last.

Schedule It First. Don’t just tell yourself, “I’ll read the Bible whenever I have free time tomorrow.” Try a few different times, such as first thing in the morning, on your lunch break, or right before bed to find out which time works best for you, and then do it every day. Treat your time in the Word as an appointment that you can’t miss!

Set Reminders. While you don’t want your phone to distract you from spending time in the Bible, you might forget your new schedule at first — and that’s okay! Set an alarm to remind you of your appointment with the Bible.

Don’t be Shy. By telling a close friend or family member about your goal, you can be held accountable. They can ask you what you’ve been reading and learning, check to see how your commitment is going, or read along with you.

Ask For Help. If you’re struggling, reach out to your pastor, small group leader, or a mentor. Talking to someone that you trust can help you figure out where to get started and how to get the most out of your reading.

Take Notes. Taking notes not only forces you to focus, but it helps you better understand the scripture and get more out of what God tells you every day. You can come back to the same scripture at another time and see how you hear God differently at different points in your life.

Find Tools You Love. Do you have a translation that makes reading enjoyable? Do you have Bible-friendly, non-bleed highlighters, a delicious cup of coffee, or a prayer journal that motivates you? Sometimes equipping yourself with the right tools is a step in the right direction! First, do some research to find a translation that you’ll love.

Failure is Okay. You’re not perfect. You’re human, and there’s a good chance you’re going to fail and choose sleep, your phone, or Netflix over reading the Bible. The important thing is that you forgive yourself, let failure fuel you to start over, and that you learn from it and choose God the next time!

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