New to Orlando? 5 Things You Need to Know

orlando-catholic-school-missionrvLeaving your hometown and moving to Orlando is a huge step. Being a new resident of a large city, it is difficult to figure out all the finer details such as which restaurants serve the best food, transportation information, in which Orlando private schools your children will enroll…the list seems endless! Fortunately, the Orlando Catholic diocese has a short list of imperative information to help you acclimate.

  • Going from one side of town to the other has several options; driving a personal vehicle need not be your first choice with the Lynx bus system. The Lynx has dozens of stops on and around I4 to assist locals and tourists alike. The best news? Lynx is absolutely free. Leave the confusing, lightning-fast access and exit ramp switches to Lynx.
  • While Orlando is not hurricane-proof, it is quite unlikely a hurricane will cause severe damage in an area this inland. Winds will blow, it will rain enough to possibly cause minor flooding in low areas and some streets, but the brunt of the damage will be along the coastal areas.
  • Orlando is prone to exceedingly large mosquitoes the locals call “gallinippers.” Ensure the safety of your family by using insecticide around your property and in your home, and douse your children and yourselves with bug spray when you venture outside, especially at daybreak and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.
  • Although Orlando is in the Deep South’s Bible Belt, Catholics are more abundant percentage wise than Baptists: Orlando boasts a 13% Catholic population over a 7.5% Baptist population. There are 31 Catholic elementary/middle schools, five Catholic high schools and one school that serves the needs of students with special needs located throughout the Diocese of Orlando.
  • Corporations appreciate Florida’s welcoming climate, and many set up major offices in Orlando and the surrounding area. With technology, restaurants, motels, publishing companies, and other multi-million-dollar industries calling the Orlando area home, employment is generally not difficult to procure if you have potential and a solid background.


The Catholic Diocese of Orlando welcomes all new residents to Orlando and the surrounding area. After you settle in, call the Orlando Diocese at 407-246-4900 to learn about the best in schooling at Orlando’s private schools, and browse our website for more information on our individual schools, education, and facts pertaining to the Orlando area.