New Year’s Resolutions for Catholics

There’s no better time than New Year’s to set goals that will improve you and your life! Instead of setting the same old resolutions to “get in shape,” “eat healthier,” or “do something new every day,” why not set some Christ-centered goals this year? Here are a few suggestions for you and your family to consider.

Prayer Challenge
Challenge yourself to start each day with five minutes of quiet time. Whether you spend that time praying out loud, in your head, or on paper, make sure that you are intentional in starting your day off by focusing on God.

Create a “To-Read” List
Reading is an important activity for people of all ages to pursue! It keeps your mind sharp, helps you gain knowledge, and can even strengthen your faith. Next year, choose a number of faith-based books you’d like to read, and set a goal per month or for the entire year. If reading even five to ten books feels impossible, consider what other activities in your life take up too much time. Maybe setting a daily time limit on social media or the television will help you find time to open a book instead! If you prefer to listen, there are plenty of Catholic audiobooks available.

Get Involved
Make this upcoming year the year that you intentionally get involved in your church. Seek out volunteer opportunities, help out at the youth group, join a Bible study — or even offer to host a Bible study at your home.

Focus on Outreach
It’s important that we are good stewards. Analyze what you and your family have been given in the way of financial resources, time, and talents. Then think about how you could give to others this year! Your child could bring a friend to Mass each month, or you could take time as a family to put together backpacks for the homeless.

Use Phones For Productivity
When you have a few minutes of downtime, it’s all too easy to get caught up in social media or games on your smartphone. This year, make a point to not waste time playing mindless games on your phone. Instead, download some new apps on both your phone and your kids’ phones: prayer apps, Bible apps, and Catholic radio stations or podcasts. When you have a spare minute, pull out your phone and strengthen your faith.

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