Poor Posture Can Affect Child’s Learning

Children sit all sorts of ways — from upright to slouched, from twisted to sitting on their feet, or fidgeting and bouncing their leg. But did you know that poor posture can potentially affect your children’s learning process? An incorrect seated position can lead to fatigue, difficulty concentrating, back and neck strains, and more. Private schools in Orlando have solutions that encourage the correct posture that can help your children remember information better. Starting changes now can make an immediate difference for struggling students.

Positioning Patterns
Students should be sitting comfortably, which means with their feet on the floor arms on their desk, and elbows below their shoulders. Feet should not be dangling, and arms should not be propped across the desk. Dangling feet could mean a curved spine, which will lead to back and neck strains. Poor positioning can also compress the diaphragm, affecting breathing and voice quality. 

Alternative Seating
Classroom furniture is a key factor in the way our children sit and learn. Seating should support a healthy posture while decreasing fidgeting. Alternative seating options include an air cushion, a stability ball, and a ball chair. Seating like this allows students the movement they need to better learn as it encourages spinal muscles and sensory input. 

Movement Breaks
Fidgeting is usually a sign of discomfort and that the body wants to move. Normally we ask our children to sit still, but it’s best to encourage them to get up and move around. Movement breaks are also considered brain breaks. So when they stretch it out, they can restart their brains and get their blood flowing again.

Practice at Home
Don’t assume that these techniques should only be done at school. Applying these practices at home can help their bodies adjust and better transition when they do attend school. Whenever your children are working on homework or eating dinner, encourage them to focus on their posture and take breaks. Remember: telling a fidgety child to sit still is not the solution for their comfort and concentration. 

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