Present Like a Pro

It’s inevitable: every student at some point will have to give a presentation. However, public speaking isn’t something that most of us look forward to. In fact, along with heights and insects, public speaking is America’s most common fear. But it doesn’t have to be that way for your student! With these steps, you can help her build her confidence and present like a pro.

Tell a Story
Storytelling will relax her and make her message more relatable. Not only will personal stories be easy for her to remember and share, but her classmates will remember that story better than a series of statistics! Help your child filter through her life experiences to pull out stories that relate to both her topic and fellow classmates.

Relax and Refocus
Suggest that your child give himself a practice deadline; for example, he can’t practice anymore after 6pm the night before the big speech. While he might resist at first, remind him that he needs to give his brain a break! After 6pm, he can go for a bike ride, read a new book, play catch with the dog, or challenge his siblings to a round of Monopoly.

Stop the Shakes
If your child gets nervous when speaking in front of a crowd, there’s a good chance that either his voice or hands will start to shake. When he gets up in front of the room, remind him that he can take a few seconds to take deep breaths before starting and that this will calm his nerves and let him think about what he wants to say. He can continue to do this throughout the speech, especially when he pauses in between subjects!

Minimize Sub-Topics
The more he has to remember, the more stressed he’s going to feel, and the more likely that he’ll miss an important point. As he prepares his speech, help him create a small list of crucial sub-topics.

Practice Makes Perfect
Help your child get into the habit of having her presentation ready well before the due date. Depending on the amount of time she has to prepare, suggest that she has her speech completed two weeks early. This way, she can practice a little bit every day in front of her family, friends and even the mirror. Her brain will absorb the speech better than had she crammed the few days before! She will feel more relaxed the night before the speech and more confident as she gives it knowing she’s done it multiple times already.

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