Spirituality and Stress Relief

If your child is starting to feel stressed out, don’t fret! Research suggests that prayer and religion are high among the best stress relievers and can help you heal better from illness. Private schools in Orlando explain how exploring your spirituality encourages your family to lead a life of purpose, boost mental clarity, maintain personal relationships, and develop stress-management skills. 

Sense of Purpose
Participating in the celebration of Mass and praying encourages your child to uncover the meaning of his life. Clarifying what is important allows him to put little focus on less important things, thus reducing stress.

Releasing Control
Teach your child that everything is in the hands of God and that he is not responsible for everything that happens in life. Your child can learn to be resilient by exercising his power over the decisions that may affect him. This will help him develop into a great leader when he becomes an adult.

Making Connections
Through prayer, your child can connect with himself and the world. The more your child feels like he has a purpose, the less alone he will feel. A sense of belonging can start to make him feel secure even when under pressure.

Nurturing Relationships
Spirituality also includes nurturing relationships with others. Attending church with fellow church-goers provides your child with a sense of community by expanding his network of adults and peers. It’s essential to teach your children how to foster friendships so that they work on their social and communication skills. Assure your child that making friends is a priority and can lead to a deepened place of greater good. 

Encourage Your Child To: 

  • Keep a journal to express her feelings
  • Practice mindfulness through prayer
  • Seek a trusted adviser or friend for advice 
  • Read inspirational stories, especially ones by Catholic leaders
  • Talk to others whose spirituality inspires your family

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