Spotlight on Annunciation

Our Robotics Club brought home 2 more Vex Robotics awards in January! The first was the THINK Award, which they won for creative design and computer programming to solve an engineering problem. The second was the Judge’s Award, which was for representing the team in a manner that exemplifies the competition and sets an example.

At Annunciation Catholic Academy, we’re committed to emphasizing the education and development of each child. We provide a stimulating, engaging environment where students embrace independent thinking, active learning, and responsible learning. Discover how we prepare your child for success in college and beyond.

Outstanding Academics
We’re dedicated to developing the whole child physically, emotionally, spiritually, and mentally, and our curriculum demonstrates this. While we offer rigorous academic instruction, we also place a strong emphasis on arts and humanities. Religious instruction is incorporated into the daily education, and Spanish is a key component of the core curriculum from kindergarten through eighth grade. Through differentiated instruction, exceptional teachers, and academic support, ACA students excel, and as shown by the Iowa Assessment, our students continue to score in the top 15% of the nation.

Extracurricular Activities
We offer a variety of after-school activities throughout the year. These activities range from photography to karate to golf to chess. Students are also encouraged to develop their talents and sign up for clubs, sports, and fine arts programs. Whether your child is passionate about theater, newspaper, student council, or basketball, she’ll find a community where she feels welcome!

Math Ability Grouping
Our math classes for grades three through eight are grouped based on ability. This way, students are able to move at a pace that’s appropriate for them.

Through Engineering is Elementary, an award-winning curriculum developed by the Museum of Science in Boston, children tackle engineering challenges in classrooms and the IDEA Hub. They become better equipped to use science and math to solve real-world problems.

Technology and STREAM
The latest technology is integrated into every classroom. All grade levels include computers in their daily instruction, and each class utilizes interactive whiteboards, computers, mobile sets of netbooks, and iPads. In the IDEA Hub, students integrate technology and learning to research, collaborate, and create, and in the Maker Space, time is dedicated to STREAM, where students can explore virtual reality or tackle challenging subjects hands on.

Early Childhood
In our early childhood program, we utilize the research-based Frog Street curriculum to encourage active exploration and build a foundation for future growth. Children are equipped with the skills to start reading, begin to learn Spanish, and focus on understanding God’s love for them through age-appropriate stories, songs, and activities.

Buddy Program
Every student in the primary grades has a buddy. The older buddies are responsible for escorting their younger buddies to mass, modeling good church manners, helping them become actual participants in the liturgy, sharing books, and practicing reading skills.

For more than 50 years, the Orlando private schools have been helping children grow to their fullest potential and become leaders within their communities. We offer unique and dynamic learning environments that engage students and encourage them to become confident and responsible adults. To learn more about what makes us different, contact us today.