Spotlight on St. Andrew

At St. Andrew Catholic School, we’re committed to helping your child grow academically, spiritually, and creatively in a multicultural atmosphere. We believe that each student is a unique child of God, and because of this, we do not embrace a “one size fits all” education model. We offer differentiated instruction to meet each student’s individual needs, challenging them to grow both inside and outside of the classroom.

A Strong Foundation
“St. Andrew Catholic School is an exceptional institution where students receive a strong foundation in the Catholic faith, foster close familial bonds, and build lasting relationships through the school community.”

— Rachael Zurita, School Counselor

“We are a community of one. No matter who you are, we welcome you as a child of God. We do everything in our power to help you grow spiritually and academically, and [we do our best] to ensure that all who come on our campus feel welcomed and see the light of Christ in all that we [do].”  

– Principal Gipson

“Our school offers many opportunities for students to enrich their faith outside of the classroom. Some of these include weekly mass, religious retreats, and the celebration of the Holy Days of Obligation. An instance that stands out to me is from the eighth-grade retreat, where a group of students created a worship song called “My Brother’s Keeper” that consisted of an original beat, singing, and rapping. This group of students continues to perform their faithful song for our school community; the congregation becomes electric when it’s performed!”

– Rachael Zurita, School Counselor

“St. Andrew hosts several events that parents, grandparents, and other loved ones are invited to attend. We celebrate our grandparents with grandparents’ Mass and have hosted Family Fun Days in years past. One of my favorite traditions is when the eighth-grade parents are invited to participate in the volleyball game against their children. This event is something our eighth graders and other students look forward to every year!”

– Rachael Zurita, School Counselor

“Our mission, ‘St. Andrew Catholic School is committed to academic excellence and to developing our students’ spirituality and creativity in order to be disciples of Christ,’ doesn’t just apply to the students; St. Andrew has been committed to my academic excellence and has helped me develop my spirituality and creativity. Because of that, [it’s] always been an extension of family for me. The interactions I’ve had with this community have allowed me to be a disciple of Christ and will stay with me forever!”

– Tree Booher, IT Coordinator & Media Resource Teacher

“I always feel the love with my St. Andrew community. I stand in the hallway in the mornings and I’m always welcomed with friendly faces and loving hugs from the students. It’s my favorite way to start the day! Our students build strong relationships with their peers, teachers, and other staff members on a daily basis.”

– Rachael Zurita, School Counselor

“Working at St. Andrew Catholic School is truly a blessing. At any given time, you can feel the presence of God from the students with their infectious smiles and hugs to the staff. [The staff has a] willingness to keep giving no matter what and the parents are so appreciative. St. Andrew is truly a special place where one can’t help but feel loved by all.”

– Principal Gipson

*Quotes have been edited for length and clarity.

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