The Benefits of Music Lessons

Music can positively impact us throughout our lives. But did you know that learning an instrument can enhance your child’s life in more ways than one? Music lessons have academic, social, and developmental benefits that can lead your child to success both inside and outside of the classroom.

Academic Benefits

In many ways, music and math share similar concepts that exercise your child’s long and short-term memory. Research has shown that there’s a causal link between music and spatial intelligence; this means that music can help children easily visualize what elements should go together, like they would for a math problem. It is also helpful in engineering, math, art, and gaming, as well as working with computers. A musical education can lead to improved test scores, increased neural activity, better language development, and higher IQ scores.

Physical Benefits

Learning to play an instrument is a great opportunity for your child to practice his motor skills. In fact, a study done by two professors — one from Harvard and one from Boston College — showed that students taking music lessons have improved sound discrimination and fine motor tasks. Music helps children develop strength, perseverance, and coordination.

Social Benefits

Playing an instrument can introduce children to a tight-knit community. When your child joins the school band or orchestra, he interacts, communicates, and collaborates with his peers to accomplish a common goal. He may even learn how to instruct others and find joy in helping them overcome boundaries! He will learn to encourage his fellow bandmates, he will learn patience when the person next to him is a few seconds behind, and he will be shown grace when he is the one who’s a few seconds behind.

There are countless benefits to introducing your child to music lessons, but perhaps the most important is the joy it can bring into your child’s life. Acquiring new skills, overcoming challenges, and simply creating music is something any child can be proud of and enjoy throughout life.

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