The Benefits of Theater

Did you know that students in drama build a strong foundation for future success? Between developing public speaking skills, gaining self-confidence, and learning the importance of collaborative teamwork, theater students are equipped to grow into confident and compassionate leaders.

Communication Skills
Students in theater build excellent verbal and nonverbal communication skills. They learn how to properly project and articulate, and how to express tone and emotion. They grow their public speaking skills and are able to effectively present papers in an academic setting, as well as develop the fundamental writing skills necessary to publish papers in peer-reviewed academic journals.

In drama, students constantly memorize and perform new lines, as well as choreography and movements. Memorization is a skill that all actors must perfect, and it helps your child improve her ability to recall and remember.

Reading Comprehension:
Memorization leads to performance, and with performance comes reading comprehension into memorized lines. Students learn how to put themselves into a story and develop a deeper understanding of written material. When it comes to performing Shakespeare in particular, this improves students’ understanding of other complex texts such as material in math and science.

Self Confidence
In theater, students gain confidence and build their self-esteem as they act silly on stage and learn how to process and show emotion. As they write their own material and present it, they develop self-confidence and learn how to take direction and gracefully accept both compliments and criticism.

Test Scores
Students involved in drama are proven to have higher standardized test scores than their peers. According to the College Entrance Examination Board, theater students scored an average of 65.5 points higher on verbal and 35.5 points higher on the math sections of the SAT. For students studying drama but not necessarily performing, they scored an average of 55 points higher on verbal and 26 points higher on math, and they outscored the national average SAT score by 35 points on verbal and 24 points on math.

Theater is a team sport where no one sits on the bench! Every student has a job and works together to support one another to achieve a common goal.

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