The Break Balance: Rest and Study

Winter break is coming up fast, and when it comes to school holidays, there are often two types of students: those who play video games all day, every day, during their break, and those who burn themselves out by spending all of their time studying and not having any fun. Striking a balance is difficult, but students need to achieve an equal mix of work and play!

At first, studying over Christmas break may seem like a punishment. However, it’s important for students to retain the information they’ve been learning all semester. The solution? Encourage your child to study while you’re on that long car ride or flight to see family, and explain that it’s a great way to use the time that he’ll already be seated. He can read his textbooks, listen to an audiobook, or quiz his siblings with flashcards.

If your student has serious work he needs to get done, help him plan out when and where to do it. The holidays are a crazy time of year! For most people, relatives, and friends are constantly in and out, parties occur nearly every night of the week, and bedrooms can even be given out for family to stay in while they visit. Make sure that your student has a quiet place to work. He may need to retreat to an upstairs bedroom and close the door, work outside with earbuds in, or leave the house altogether and head for a library or coffee shop.

On the flip side, for students who enjoy studying in groups, what better time to do this than the busy Christmas holiday? Give those grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins, and friends some flashcards and put them to work. For your child, this helps cement important concepts in his mind. And for everyone else, it becomes almost like playing a fun game of Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? Relatives may even ask your child to teach them a bit about what he’s learning, and that will help him better understand what he’s learning.

Studying isn’t the only productive thing children can do during Christmas break — decluttering is another great option. Clearing out clothes, toys, and more has two big benefits: first, an organized room helps a child’s mindset, spurring him on to be more productive and organized in all areas of his life. Second, he can donate his unused belongings to thrift stores. This is the perfect opportunity to show your child that he has the power to make a difference in someone else’s holiday!

Christmas break doesn’t have to be all hard work… but it doesn’t have to be entirely play either. This year, you and your child can work to find a balance!

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