The Benefits of Stewardship

One of the most important lessons the Bible teaches is stewardship. Biblical stewardship is a theme highlighted throughout the Bible, from Genesis to Revelation. It’s a calling from God on how to live our lives. Private schools in Orlando encourage you to teach your child the benefits in stewardship.

What Is a Steward?
Stewardship is managing on someone’s behalf, such as babysitting someone else’s children or managing your job when your supervisor is out. If a relative or employee asks you to handle something, they are entrusting to your care. The word “steward” is rooted from the Greek word “oikonomos,” which translates into “the manager of the household.” It’s the way to live your life, which is a loan from God; it is not your own. In the glory of God, you are called to steward your life.

The Seven Bible themes that emphasize stewardship:

  1. God created everything.
  2. God owns everything.
  3. God delegates responsibility.
  4. Steward finances.
  5. Steward resources to save money.
  6. Steward resources to give.
  7. Steward resources to help.

The Importance of Stewardship
In the Bible, God calls Adam to work on the garden. Basically, God commanded Adam to take care of things for Him. But God wasn’t being vindictive; Adam’s job was fulfilling. His work was originating Eden. Sharing the stewardship story of Adam with your child is a great way to get him inspired and motivated to do the right thing, and to not give into temptation. Because stewardship is rooted in finances and savings, it can teach your child how to preserve their earnings when they grow up and start working. Stewardship habits are usually learned early in life.

Stewardship Habits You Can Pass On to Your Child: 

  1. 10-10-80: The concept of 10-10-80 is 10 percent tithed, 10 percent saved, and 80 percent used responsibly. Teach your child that when we get money blessings, we have to give some back to God and we save some for the future. Spending money in a God-pleasing way is a family value learned by parents.
  2. Recycling: Recycling is a stewardship for God’s Earth. Teaching your child how to recycle now prepares him for adulthood when he has to live on his own. Reuse This Bag has an excellent guide to recycling for children.
  3. Helping Others: Young children have a lot of energy and always want something to do. Your child can pack groceries for a food pantry or write letters to soldiers overseas. The idea of using their time in such a valuable way teaches them how to live by the glory of God. 

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