The Night Before School Starts

No matter how busy your summer has been, it’s nothing compared to what the new school year will bring! A little preparation can get the year off to a smooth start.Private schools in Orlando, FL can help you create a new tradition for the last day of summer.

Time for a Deep Clean

Once the school year starts, there will be a steady cycle of laundry, dishes, and paperwork. Take advantage of the last day of summer and get in one last big clean. Get the bathrooms sparkling, rid the bedrooms of clutter and dust, and get the laundry clean and put away. This is a lot of work, but ask your child to chip in — show him that it feels great to be productive! Before you get going, start the day with a special breakfast of your child’s choice, such as chocolate chip pancakes, cinnamon rolls, or make-your-own smoothies.

Of course, you don’t want the whole day to be about cleaning. Plan the day out so you can start early and enjoy one last free afternoon together!

Double Check Everything

The key to an easy start to the school year is planning. With your weather app at hand, help your child pick out clothes for her first week of school. Consider investing in a hanging, five-compartment container and labeling each shelf with a day of the week. This makes it easy for your child to roll out of bed, get dressed without a second thought, and walk to the dining room for breakfast.

The night before school starts is the perfect time to ensure that everything your child needs is in her backpack. Keep her classroom supply list close at hand and check off each item as you put it in her backpack. If she had any summer homework assignments, give her a folder she can put them into, and then put that folder in her backpack so they stay safe and easy to find.

Review the next day’s schedule together. If your child takes the bus, where does she have to be and when? If you’re dropping her off, when does she need to be ready to walk out the door? Make sure she knows which classroom she’ll be walking to every morning.

Keep It Light And Fun

Children follow your lead, so the night before school, stay positive and encouraging! Break up your cleaning with dance breaks, healthy snacks, and games, and keep fun music playing throughout the day. Spend your last afternoon of summer doing something special — perhaps a trip to the zoo, a day at the pool, or a jump session at an indoor trampoline park.

Each new school year is full of potential. Get your children — and your home — equipped to take it on by getting yourself clean, organized, and ready to go.

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