Tips to Teach the Bible at Home

Familiarizing your child with the Bible can be challenging! With these suggestions, you can help your child navigate the Bible without any confusion and make it enjoyable to read for years to come.

Choose a Kid-Friendly Bible They’ll Enjoy

Investing in a Bible that’s catered to your child’s age group is a great way to help her enjoy reading. Take her to the bookstore and let her choose her favorite version. From rhyming Bibles to storybook Bibles to The Action Bible, the options are endless. A well-written children’s Bible will engage your child and capture her interest. You can show your child that God’s word is relatable, exciting, and relevant to her life.

Be a Role Model

Leading by example is an effective way to show your child that you actively use your Bible and spend time with God. Set aside a few nights each week for your entire family to read their Bibles for a half hour. Whether you’re reading together or separately, make it a fun time for everyone by bundling up with hot chocolate and cozy blankets! Afterward, make it a point to ask your child what he read and what he learned from it, and make sure you share your insights as well.

Give Them a Good Reason

It can be challenging for children to stay motivated to read the Bible, especially if they don’t understand its significance in their lives. Explain to your child that the Bible is God’s way of speaking with us every day, and remind him constantly of God’s unconditional love for him.

Ask Them Questions

A Biblical scavenger hunt is a great way to help your child interact with his Bible. Ask him questions from throughout the Bible, and read through passages together to find the answers. Asking your child questions about his reading shows your interest in his learning, which is important in encouraging and motivating him.

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