What Your Child Learns from Summer Camp

As the school year comes to an end, children around the country are packing up for summer camp! If you’re joining the summer camp crowd, it’s normal to feel some hesitation when sending your children away, but private schools in Orlando believe in the benefits of summer camp. Give your child the gift of magical memories, such as nights spent around the campfire with new friends.

Learning Life Skills to Become Better Adults
Children can reinvent themselves by learning valuable life skills at camp. Necessary skills for growth include socialization, communication, creativity, collaboration, leadership, and problem-solving. At camp, your child will be in constant communication with other campers and will learn to work as teams in a camp community, which is essential for reaching emotional, cognitive, and social developmental milestones. With enough camp experience, your child could even become a leader and guide first-time campers!

Building Self-Esteem
Attending camp helps children develop life skills, which in turn builds their self-esteem. Learning, belonging, and contributing are the building blocks of self-esteem. Camps offer a well-rounded experience that can fulfill your child’s needs, including creativity, physical activity, and community-building. The unique opportunities that camps offer can help your child succeed not only at camp but at school and at home.  

Unplugging from Technology
Children could spend more than several hours a day engaged with technology. They can easily miss out on important opportunities. Camp is fun and engaging, and encourages your child to unplug from technology. In fact, most camps ban technology, such as smartphones, TV, tablets, and computers, allowing campers to appreciate nature and each other.

Teaching Social Skills
When unplugging from technology, your child will create face-to-face connections with her peers and adult role models. When she goes to school, she often sees the same people, which can feel less exciting and lead to a quieter demeanor. A refreshing break from the same old can help your child get amped up again and create deep bonds. Camp is a great time to relax without any of the social pressures found at school.

Promoting Independence
When sent to camp, your child is given the chance to become more independent. She is separating from you to become a camper who relies on herself and are given the ability to think on her own. Your child will learn useful life skills that will help her develop in adulthood.

Looking for a camp close to home? San Pedro Spiritual Development Center offers a variety of camps for children of all ages. Check out their website for more information.

Many Orlando Catholic schools are hosting camps as well. To learn more, contact the school directly:

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