When Your Child Joins Robotics

We live in a world of robots. While R2-D2, Optimus Prime, and the Terminator are some of the most famous robots, everyday artificial intelligence, such as Alexa, is becoming more and more common. STEM-related careers and products are on the rise, and by joining robotics, your child can build a future in a rapidly growing industry.

Introduction to Programming
Programming can be a complicated concept. It’s hard for adults to grasp, much less for young students! Robotics simplifies complex jargon into manageable, tangible lessons for your child, giving her a strong foundation for future success in any STEM-driven field.

Combines Creativity With Technology
By joining robotics, your child gets the chance to combine her creative and critical thinking skills. It makes challenging technological concepts fun! She gets the chance to feel empowered as she takes on the responsibility to build something interactive, and she becomes actively engaged in the learning process.

Push Through Challenges
Building a robot can be a difficult, complicated process. In robotics club, your child learns how to channel frustration into innovation and push through challenges to achieve an ultimate goal.

Communication Across Platforms
What happens when a company approaches your child and says, “We want you to test our product!” In robotics, she learns how to communicate across different technological platforms, practices creating precise and accurate instructions, and gains experience creating products that target particular audiences and solve real-world problems.

Whether or not your child dreams of becoming a NASA engineer, robotics lets her obtain valuable skills she can use the rest of her life, and one of those skills is teamwork. She might be a coding genius, but if she can’t collaborate with her team, listen to their ideas, and ask for ideas, her robot might never move! By learning to work with her fellow students, she improves her communication, leadership, and social skills. Teamwork is vital to lifelong success.

Getting involved in robotics can open the door to a variety of scholarship opportunities, as well as opportunities in college. STEM-related jobs are expected to grow at a rapid rate, and thanks to robotics, your child will start college already knowing about her passion and interests in this field. She can decide what path she wants to take and how she can turn her talents into a future job.

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