Why Invest In a Children’s Bible?

It’s important that you take the time to read Bible stories to your children! However, when you read from your own adult Bible, it can be challenging to fully engage younger minds. By getting your child her own Bible — specifically, one that was written with her age in mind — she can more easily understand God’s love for her, and she can get excited about the stories that show her that love!

Why Read The Bible to Children?
Reading the Bible to children helps lay the foundation for their faith as they grow older. They’ll learn that reading the Bible should be a part of every day, and are more likely to continue the practice themselves as they grow up. When you start reading the Bible early, you can help shape how they see the world.

Finding The Right Children’s Bible
There are an abundance of children’s Bibles on the shelves, but not all are created equal! Before getting excited and buying the first one you see, ask yourself:

  • Are the stories focused on God? Some children’s Bibles focus primarily on humans acting heroically, and this leaves God out of the picture. A good children’s Bible shows His plan in every story and explains that it’s about God — not us.
  • Do the stories teach morals rather than grace? A quality children’s Bible should show that we do the right thing because we love God and we want to follow Him — we don’t just want to behave. Your child should learn that she doesn’t have to be perfect for God to love her, and she doesn’t have to be perfect for you to love her either.
  • Are the stories fun to read? Children like to read stories that are fun and engaging! The Bible should be exciting for your child to listen to, and enjoyable for you to read as a parent. Choose an edition full of stories that you can see your child quoting, reading along to, and asking to hear again.
  • Are the illustrations as fun as the writing? Children’s Bibles use both pictures and words to bring the story to life, so the illustrations should be age-appropriate and accurately represent the themes. They should complement the words in a way that transport your child into the story.

For young children under the age of three, try picking up the award-winning Read Aloud Bible Stories or the entertaining The Rhyme Bible Storybook for Little Ones. If your children are between the ages 3-8, The Jesus Storybook Bible has been fantastically reviewed by parents, pastors, and book editors alike! For older children, consider the beautifully illustrated The Action Bible, which was written by a former artist for both Marvel Comics and DC Comics, and will thrill and engage all comic book fans.

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