Why Year-Round Reading is Important for Your Child

Not engaging in educational activities during the summer break can be a learning loss. Reading should be a summer activity as well as a school year one. Private schools in Orlando encourage your children to maintain their reading habits even when school’s out.

There’s no feeling like getting wrapped up in a story. Your child will begin to envision where the characters are and picture what they look like. It sparks his own imagination and creativity, which can lead to developing his own stories and characters.

Reading helps your child develop his vocabulary. When school is not in session, it’s best to keep up with the words to enforce retention. Make it fun by using summer lingo!

It’s a no-brainer that the more reading your child does, the more he will perfect her grammar! His speech will improve, which prepares him for being a well-spoken adult.

Writing Skills
To be a writer, you must read… a lot! Because reading improves vocabulary and grammar, your child’s writing skills will improve as well. Before you know it, your child will feel prepared and eased into exams that require essay-writing.

Being able to read allows your child to understand the signs, labels, and words all around him. It makes it easier to communicate with adults and his peers.

Making sense of the world allows your child safety. Your child should be able to read traffic signs and warning labels so he can understand what could bring him harm.

By not having to rely on his parents, your child will develop a sense of independence and boost his self-confidence. He is able to understand and navigate the world in his own way.

Academic Success
Reading is essential to perform and progress at school. The more your child reads, the more he will develop his imagination, vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills, all of which will lead to a successful academic career, and ultimately, professional career.

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