The Importance of a Good Night’s Rest

Getting your child to bed at a good time is important, not only for her health but also for her academic performance at the private schools in Orlando. Getting an adequate amount of sleep will improve your child’s attention span, boost learning, and promote growth. Not to mention, it will keep her energized and awake the next school day!

Building Brain Cells
Sleeping is directly linked to your child’s cognitive development. Until age 21, the human brain is still being developed. Consistent sufficient sleep — at least 10 hours — will help your child reach her full potential.

Improving Immunity
An insufficient amount of sleep will weaken your child’s immune system. This will reduce her body’s ability to fight illness, whether it’s short-term, chronic, or acute.

Weight Maintenance
There is increasing evidence that shorter sleep durations can lead to your child becoming overweight or obese, starting in infancy. Tired children crave higher-fat and higher-carb foods, so they burn fewer calories.

Enriching Neuro-Development
Sleep is crucial for repairing and rebuilding your child’s brain cells. If your child has a short sleep duration by age three, she will be more likely to have hyperactive and impulsive problems. Her cognitive performance could weaken neuro-developmental tests at age six. A good night’s rest will increase her attention span.

Promotes Growth
Deep sleep is considered to be essential for adequate growth. You’ve probably thought your child got bigger overnight — and you’re not entirely wrong!

Helping the Heart
Experts believe that a sufficient amount of sleep protects children from vascular damage due to circulating stress hormones and arterial wall. Your child’s blood glucose and cortisol remain elevated at night. Both are linked to diabetes, obesity, and heart disease.

Boosting Learning
Education experts find sleep and naps to be magical! Being well-rested will boost your child’s learning abilities. A restless child will be a fidgety student!

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