Why Your Child Will Benefit from Playing Sports

Our private schools in Orlando offer a variety of sports and extracurricular activities. These activities are beneficial for students to be involved in, as they can enhance children’s mental and physical development, and engagement in sports can help them become good role models to their peers. When children learn the life lessons that come with sports, they grow up to be honest and reliable adults.

Key Values
Physical education is fundamental for psychosocial development as it instills key values, such as fair play, honesty, teamwork, and adherence to rules. Additionally, your child will learn to respect himself, rules, teammates, opponents, and authority. Sports also provide an opportunity for young people to deal with competition, winning, and losing.

Friendships Are Formed
Engaging in team sports helps develop friendships that may have not been formed. It brings together children from all different backgrounds, colors, and cultures. Bonds created on the field can continue off-game and can last a lifetime.

Field to Fitness
Physical activity is healthy for the mind and the body and encourages children to develop an interest in fitness. Childhood obesity is a common condition that can be combated through school sports. As they become better athletes, they will improve their core strength, balance, posture, and coordination. Exercise definitely beats playing video games!

Building Self-Esteem and Stability
Experiences with sports often build your child’s self-esteem. Participating in physical activity has been known to reduce stress and increase feelings of physical and mental well-being. Problem-solving on the field can counteract conflict and aggression and allow them to become good leaders both on and off the field.

Overcoming Obstacles
Because sports come with life lessons, such as key values, friendships, and self-esteem, your child could work harder to be the best he can be. Not only would he gain physical and mental capabilities, but he will learn to overcome challenges that come his way. 

For more than 50 years, private schools in Orlando have been helping children grow to their fullest potential and become leaders within their communities. We offer unique and dynamic learning environments that engage students and encourage them to become confident and responsible adults. To learn more about what makes us different, contact us today.